Work Play Fit

Focus on Change

Work Play Fit is a coaching, consultancy and advocacy service delivered by me, Nyla Naseer. I assist professionals and organisations adapt and thrive.

I enable you to understand and respond smartly to the many factors that affect us professionally and personally. I help you to:

  • Understand situations
  • Form realistic strategies
  • Take decisions and gain confidence and resilience

Practical, Creative and Intelligent

The Work Play Fit system is totally focused on delivering pragmatic outcomes. I combine a rigorous intelligence-led approach with creative ways of working. One of the tools I use is the use of the outdoors and activity to clear thinking, encourage discussion and improve fitness.

Out of the box thinking, new ways of working, solid analysis: that’s what Work Play Fit does.

Dedicated and Personal

In today’s atomised world it can be difficult to find people with a genuine interest in our lives: people who believe in us. Everyone may seem too busy, too pre-occupied or just disinterested.

That is why I advocate for you and sincerely dedicate my thinking to your cause, be this counselling, coaching or a consultancy project.