Workplace Development

Work Well

Work Play Fit is a boutique management consultancy working in the area of workplace development and productivity. By looking at both technical factors and behavioural factors we develop information on the ‘human-centredness’ of your organisation and work with you to create more productive, responsive and human-centred workplaces.

Tools we can deploy include: audits, focus groups and ’embedded worker’ research. Research is conducted or led by Nyla Naseer, whose credentials may be viewed on this site.

Individual support is available for people wanting to boost their personal wellbeing. This combines progressive physical fitness improvement with personalised discussion.

Work: Place

Whether people work in a small office, a large office or at home, the work environment and the way that work is organised has a profound impact on the way we feel and work. Our surroundings influence our mood, health and productivity.

It can be hard to define what makes a ‘good’ work environment because, of course, every workplace is different. Work Play Fit looks at key factors that affect workplace wellbeing as they relate to your workplace, so that you are able to make changes in line with needs and constraints of your organisation. Physical factors like light, space and sound are assessed in line with many other factors based on ‘Well Certified’ building standards.

Work: Culture

A better work environment is one aspect of wellbeing at work. The other is adopting a wellbeing culture. As the world around us changes fast, organisations need to become places that are sensitive to the needs of customers, staff and accountants/shareholders—not a quick or easy ask. This includes factors like fairness, communication and support available to staff.

Work cultures can be difficult to appraise by ‘insiders’ and it can be easy to overlook the practicalities of how to successfully make changes to your organisation. Working with us gives you the reassurance of an unbiased and thorough appraisal of your situation.

By looking at both the physical environment and the culture of your organisation, we help you design the best workplace and get the most from your people.