Work Play Fit

Get people talking!

Ever wanted to burst the bubbles we live in today? Do you need an issue debated or opinions challenged? Want to find out what people think about what is going on around us? In our ‘echo-chamber world we can be isolated from other people’s opinions and feel the pain when decisions don’t back up our view of things. Work Play Fit wants to get people together. we want to build respect for different perspectives.

Work Play Fit is a different way for people to talk together. Facilitated in crisp and creative styles our sessions enable different views to be heard and alternative perspectives aired. Because we want to make things more interesting, we can break up our events with a walk or other activity to help people to mix informally.

We use outdoors and activity to clear thinking, encourage discussion and improve resilience.

Work Play Fit for business

Work Play Fit works with organisations to find out opinions, disseminate information or generate debate. This could be to support strategic change or to keep a finger on the pulse of what people think. Through gaining a better insight into your organisation you can understand situations and form better strategies.

It could be that you want to hear from your customers or colleagues. Or you could be thinking of how you can encourage your people to talk together and encourage wellbeing. Either way, we can work with you to make it happen.

Building communication skills and resilience

By enabling people to talk we want to encourage better communication. Listening to alternative views is important to forming an informed view and to building resilience and respect for people who do not think the same way.

We encourage wellbeing in an original and practical way.