Work Play Fit

Life without boundaries

Work Play Fit is a dedicated support and guidance service for professionals and senior people.  It enables people to sort out issues by using the best combination of consulting and coaching. So, if you have a formal project to undertake, or if you want to focus on your general self-development, I can meet your needs.

NLP coaching, consulting, professional mentoring and the use of positive environments are all part of this unique one to one service.

I work with people to help them overcome obstacles that are compromising their success.  My approach is to provide consultancy and coaching to help to:

  • Understand situations
  • Form realistic strategies
  • Take decisions, gain confidence and resilience

This means I guide people to understand how to practically take charge of the situation that they face.  We’ll work together on the things that matter to you. 

My work is on a one to one basis, so you can be assured that you have my dedicated attention and discretion. My background means that I relate well to the needs of many different people: from athletes to executives and from creatives to retirees.

Practical and Intelligent

The Work Play Fit system is totally focused on enabling people towards pragmatic outcomes. My system uses common-sense to improve outcomes for you. I am a qualified practitioner of NLP and personal fitness trainer, as well as having a range of academic degrees from top UK universities, relevant executive and research experience. Please see my bio for further details.

Nyla Naseer