Nyla impressed me so much as a personal coach. There is no-one else I could imagine taking me up hills, discussing global economics and being frank about my life! A bonus was that she helped me with a work project as a separate piece of consultancy.


I needed someone at my own level to work with me on some issues. I’m not the easiest person to get on with…I guess that comes with the territory, but I found Nyla to be someone refreshingly bright with insight into my life. I can honestly say that she improved my wellbeing and changed my outlook.

PWPublic Figure

I needed to get my life back in order after a disappointing year. The combination of frank, focused analysis, help with some of the background graft and actively getting out there really helped me to adopt a whole different perspective, ‘wake up’ and move forward with my career.


Nyla helped me negotiate the settlement of a claim that had been outstanding for a long time because I kept putting it off. I didn’t need a lawyer, just someone to take the strain. She worked tirelessly to get the best outcome.