A focus on action

focus on action

Small business needs good leadership. That’s certainly true. There is a lot of good leadership support out there if you are the leader of a larger business, infact I’ve delivered quite a bit of it. However, the reality for many small businesses in sectors from leisure to technology is that the cold, hard functions of business growth have to be achieved with few resources and little experience. When the leader is most of the team you need a focus on action.

At an early stage of business I’d suggest that a lot of leadership training can wait, or be delivered alongside more pressing task goals. Although it can be tempting to appreciate the psychology of motivating staff, this won’t make much sense until you have a team. Before then, the most vital focus needs to be on action to make sure the business you are building is viable: that it has a confident place in the market, whether this is in terms of sales or interest that can be converted to sales. For solopreneurs and micro to small businesses, bridging the lack of human resource in marketing, strategy and business development can be a real challenge. This is where Work Play Fit can help.

With a focus on the cold, hard reality of getting things done we help you to research options, rapidly prototype ideas and evaluate results. We make stronger leaders by ensuring that people have the reassurance of a strong business and the resilience needed to reach each stage of development. Whilst we fully integrate behaviour into our service we definitely like the hard bits of business.

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