Work Play Fit

Work Play Fit: Organisations fit for today.

Work Play Fit enables organisations adapt to the challenges that are the reality of modern work. We do this by helping you to understand key factors and enable you to move ahead by modifying the way you work, taking advantages of opportunities that modern business offers. Good work is at the heart of good business. By ensuring that people feel good at work organisations improve their productivity, attract and keep the best people and enhance their reputation with customers.

Work Play Fit focuses on capitalising  on strategic opportunities and creating great places to work. Our model looks at the key factors of disruptive change in the world of work, practical work issues and wellbeing. For organisations to really thrive they need to take all three factors into account: we provide insight and guidance in engaging and relevant ways.

Our training suits the way that organisations need to operate today, in the real world. Our insight helps you think carefully about what will work for your particular scenario. We apply high-quality consulting skills to practical business and organisational problems with a focus that spans process and people. We work with clients who are willing to appreciate concepts, accept new ways of thinking and behaving and find the confidence to challenge the conventional, whilst rejecting the gimmicks.

For your scale of organisation

We believe in business realities. Most consulting methodologies are suited to global multi-nationals; we know that they just don’t work as well in practice for some smaller organisations. That’s why we have developed our own programme to assist business of all sizes—particularly those that are rapidly growing or embarking on a new chapter.


The environment within which organisations operate has never been more complex. ‘Disruption’ is everywhere, spearheaded by technology, changing work realities and changing expectations. Factors such as world events and uncertainty also have an impact on business and work. It can be hard for organisations to keep up with change, let alone make sure that they benefit from it. We help our clients understand how to deal with the new world of work.


The importance of wellbeing cannot be underestimated.  We interpret wellbeing in its widest sense, incorporating psychological and physical wellness—both factors in work performance. Work-related stress is on the rise but we’ll help you understand how to combat it.


We believe the the power of happiness! Enjoying work should not be an exception—it should be the rule. Rather than ‘gimmicks’ we help you to inspire useful creativity within a solid business environment. Our aim is to help you create a happy and successful workplace.

Tech and Human

Technology is a key element of virtually all business. Tech is often integral to improving processes and reducing costs. We help you to think how to ensure that technology solutions go hand in hand with ensuring that your staff have interesting and rewarding jobs.