Work Play Fit

Life without boundaries

Work Play Fit is my personal, holistic wellbeing coaching service. The focus of WPF is lifestyle change at any age.

I work with people to help them change habits that are compromising their wellbeing. My approach is to coach people to practically make changes that help them:

  • Deal with insecurities, gain confidence and resilience
  • Enjoy being more active
  • Gain and maintain a healthy weight
  • Adopt a simplified and more ‘present’ lifestyle
  • Judge situations and take decisions.

This means I guide people to understand how to practically take charge of their lives. By working in partnership we can transform your future. We”ll work together on the things that matter to you.

My work is on a one to one basis, so you can be assured that you have my dedicated attention and discretion. My background means that I relate well to the needs of many different people: from athletes to executives and from creatives to retirees.

Practical and Intelligent

The Work Play Fit system is totally focused on enabling people towards pragmatic outcomes. My system uses common-sense to improve outcomes for you. I am a qualified personal fitness trainer and practitioner of NLP as well as having a range of academic degrees from top UK universities, relevant executive and research experience. Please see my bio for further details.

Rosie Naseer