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hike hills business
How a hike in the hills is unexpectedly business-like!
My mates Gaby, Jo and I recently decided to go for a hike in the hills. We’d had enough of
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Studio Venues: more than meets the eye!
Work Play Fit is all about finding practical and imaginative ways to work with progressive organisations to enable wellbeing and
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work can make well
Work can make you WELL
As a life-long participant in endurance activities and as generally ‘into doing stuff’ type of person, I’ve long been of
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Organisation Through Change
We are excited to announce that our ‘Organisations in a complex world’ series of talks is to commence later in
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value trend watching
The value of trend-watching
Leaders, are you seeking out trends in your industry? Whilst too much change is counterproductive, it is good to scan
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Pseudo-authentic leadership
In this strange new world of post-truth and double-speak, I’ve started looking for examples of distortions of reality in the
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multi-generational working
The challenge of multi-generational working.
A while ago, I wrote about the assumptions made by ‘Generation Y’ about ‘Generation X’, namely that older people are
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GDPR data changes
Guilty pleasures: GDPR data changes will bring us greater protection
Our identities have currency. We know that our data is there to be mined, bought and sold. However, many of
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