integrated consulting


Work Play Fit has developed and facilitates some of the most relevant and engaging wellbeing consultancy available, using accessible physical activity as a key element. We help organisations develop effective ways to contribute to better health and lower stress in their workforce. This focus on wellbeing results in very significant outcomes in terms of productivity, work satisfaction and reputation.

We deliver wellbeing strategies that register big wins for team-working, individual success and organisation-wide improvement. We feel that physical and emotional wellness go hand in hand, so we use activity as a basis for feeling well. We also work with people to improve the clarity and positive impact of workplace interaction. As proponents of human-scale working we see the value in stepping away from screens. We find the best balance between digital and 'real' communication, with the emphasis being on finding mastery in both.

Our role is to plan how to introduce wellbeing strategically and practically into the lives of people and organisations. This can involve developing work-design that motivates people to love their jobs, developing creative activities that get people moving at work or working to get people talking and producing fresh new ideas.

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